Real Men of Real Estate

Reality TV Show

Four Real Estate Professionals: Each episode features four real estate professionals who will share their insights, experiences, and expertise in a dynamic 28-minute segment.
Submission to NBC: The show is produced with the intention of submitting it to NBC for approval. This prestigious network offers an excellent platform for professionals to showcase their knowledge.


– 30-Minute Alternate Episodes: Each featured real estate professional will have a dedicated 30-minute episode. This extended format allows for a more comprehensive exploration of their insights and contributions.
– Wide Distribution: The episodes will be distributed on multiple platforms, including Roku TV, Amazon Fire-TV, and the Android App. This diverse distribution ensures a broad viewership.

Radio Exposure

– KCAA Radio Network: Each featured professional will be invited for a radio show
interview on the KCAA Radio Network. This interview provides an additional opportunity to showcase their expertise.
– Extensive Streaming: The radio interview will be distributed to 15 streaming channels, including popular platforms such as iheartradio, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Rumble, YouTube, Spreaker, Tikilive, Tune-In, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and more. This extensive reach maximizes the exposure of the professional’s insights. 

Live Event Opportunities

– Panel Discussion: As a featured professional, you will have the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion at the Annual Fire-Up Live event. This event offers a platform to engage with peers and share your expertise.
– Dinner Recognition: Your participation will be recognized during the Annual Fire-Up Live event, which includes a special dinner. This recognition adds to your professional reputation.

Additional Benefits for Real Men of Real Estate Participants

– One seat for a panel discussion at the Annual Fire-Up Live event.
– Dinner recognition at the Annual Fire-Up Live event

Extraordinary Exposure

But that’s not all!

Your expertise will also be showcased through a full-page article and a full-page ad in the esteemed “Real Men of Real Estate” magazine. This added exposure ensures that your insights and brand will be seen by a dedicated audience of real estate enthusiasts.

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